Extending Chrome

Chrome is Google's browser. Here are some useful tips and extensions:

Chrome can search as you type. The advantage of this is that you get search suggestions and can use Google's predictions - but the disadvantage is that every character you type is sent to Google's servers, where it may be logged.

To disable, open Chrome's settings by clicking the menu button at the right of the address bar and clicking Settings. Or, simply type `chrome://settings/` in your address bar.

Ensure that the Enable Instant for faster searching (omnibox input may be logged) checkbox is unchecked.

AdBlock for Chrome

Just like Firefox, AdBlock removes ads. Install it from Chrome Webstore.

HTTPS Everywhere

Forces encrypted https connections wherever possible. Installation link can be found on the EFFs HTTPS Everywhere homepage (https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere).


PrivacyFix (beta) gives you a dashboard view of your privacy settings on Facebook and Google, as well as Do-Not-Track headers and tracking cookies. It provides links to quickly change these privacy settings without digging through many drilldown pages. Install from the Chrome Webstore.

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