Make sure it works

Probably one of the first things that you would like to make sure of right after your VPN connection has been set up is whether your data is actually passing via the VPN network. The simplest (and reliable) test is to check what your „external“ IP address is, the address which you are exposing to the Internet. There are numerous websites online that can report your IP address and its geo-location.

One of such services is: (and try using others too!)

Hoping that you have followed our advice and chose a VPN provider from a foreign country (rather then the country you are in) you will see that your IP geo-location reported as a remote location. Nowadays, almost any online search engine will report your IP address if you search for „my ip“. To be absolutely sure that your traffic is redirected via the VPN simply search for „my ip“ before connecting to VPN and beyond.. The results should differ.

Once you know that your external IP has been changed to the IP of your VPN server you can rest assured your communication is encrypted - VPN connection would not succeed were there any errors.

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